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Welcome to the New Data Economy

Woollet is an authentication, verification and distributed data storage ecosystem built on top of the 3Cloud Network that preserves data sovereignty, while providing interfaces to securely interact with peers and institutions in a way that maintains data integrity, validity and confidentiality.

Our Projects

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CO2 Carbon Tracing​

Woollet CO2 Tracing - Acquisition and calculation of carbon emission data​

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ORPHE Inc. provides wearable devices such as "smart footwear", footwear with built-in sensors and computers, and ORPHE, a sensing and creative platform that utilizes the data obtained from these devices.

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Joint Participation in Local 5G Technology Demonstration with The University of Tokyo

DataGateway will jointly participate in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications' "Local 5G Technology Demonstration in an Environment with a Large Number of Devices"

Latest News

Apr 12 2023

DataGateway launches original data wallet for "NFT Chips Promotion Campaign” conducted by Calbee

The data wallet "wappa" which DataGateway has jointly developed with Hakuhodo Inc. will be implemented in Calbee Potato Chips "NFT Chips Promotion" as the original data wallet.
For the first time in Japan, NFT is added as a bonus that allows consumers to enjoy the gradual growth linked to their purchase frequency. The campaign is in collaboration with Calbee, Hakuhodo, and CryptoGames Inc. and runs from April 12 to May 31 in Japan.
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Apr 3 2023

DataGateway will be joining the Digital and Tech Exhibition with ORPHE Inc.

DataGateway will be joining the Digital and Tech Exhibition with ORPHE Inc. to be held along with G7 Digital and Tech Ministers' Meeting at G Messe Gunma on April 28-30. The Digital and Tech Exhibition is being held in conjunction with the G7 Digital and Tech Ministers' Meeting in Takasaki, Gunma with over one hundred companies and organizations in Japan attending with the aim of promoting Japan's advanced technologies to the other G7 countries and promoting international development and cooperation in the future. In our booth, we will exhibit "a system that shares gait information acquired fromIoT devices in shoes with doctors and researchers," "a carbon tracing system," and "NFT that can grow based on actual purchases of products in our real life" asexamples of how decentralized identities can be implemented in a wallet to share various information based on the concept of the Trusted Web. More Info
Mar 20 2023

DataGateway and HAKUHODO KEY3 launch "wappa," a wallet service for businesses

DataGateway Pte. Ltd. (HQ: in Singapore, CEO: Kazuya Saginawa, hereinafter "DataGateway") and HAKUHODO KEY3 Inc. (HQ: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Toshinori Shigematsu; hereafter "HAKUHODO KEY3") have launched "wappa," a wallet service for companies in the web3 trend. The service provides an easy way for companies to implement wallets within their own apps, or to conduct promotions using NFTs, depending on the purpose of use.